Spend long enough interviewing actors for a living, you start to pick little things up. For instance, whenever a performer’s discussing their most recent production and utters any variant on the phrase “it really felt like the cast and crew was one big family,” that’s a major red flag that they’re full of crap. Costars are coworkers, and usually for about six months, and that’s on the longer side. But the ladies of Pitch Perfect 3 seem to be pretty earnest when they gush about the spirit of sisterhood and camaraderie that dominated the atmosphere on set. And for those as skeptical of myself, they proved it with video evidence.

To gas fans up for the December 22 release of the musical comedy, the Pitch Perfect 3 team posted a wrap video that doubles as an excited announcement that shooting is all done as well as incontrovertible proof that these actresses truly are all buddies. Stars Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson and more all give off a serious summer-camp vibe as they happily Instagram one another, group hug, and let the lovefest flow. John Lithgow shares in the supportive feminine energy, gamely letting Kendrick put a Snapchat filter on him to make him look like Frida Kahlo. Elsewhere, Kendrick jumps off of an exploding submarine, as that’s apparently something that happens in this movie.

But the overall tone of positivity is a nice side effect of a production written, directed, and staffed by women. It would seem that mutual support and a sense of community blossomed on this production, and you’re not getting reports like that out of the Expendables shoots.

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