Pharrell is known for his fashion-forward choices, but his look at the 2014 Grammys looked very familiar. Any kid who learned about fire safety (which is hopefully every kid) recognizes Smokey the Bear. And just like only you can prevent forest fires, only one person/bear can own this look. Who do you think wore it best?

Pharrell brought the backcountry to the red carpet with this outfit. The Grammy-winning producer and singer accessorized a track jacket with jeans, hiking boots and ... a cowboy hat? Yep, we were confused, too. Pharrell can make almost anything work, but we're not sure if this ensemble is on this list.

Smokey the Bear has been rocking a rustic look since 1944. Baggy jeans and a ten-gallon hat are part of his signature look. This look works for him since, you know, he lives in a forest. However, we're not sure how the shovel fits into his whole "fight fire" schtick.

Who wore this look better? Vote for your favorite in the poll below!

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