Alt 101.7 and Pepsi have teamed up to present Metal Monday Online! This week, as I know the headline may be confusing, we're featuring the band Thursday. 

Thursday was formed in 1997 by vocalist Geoff Rickly, guitarists Tom Keeley and Bill Henderson, bassist Tim Payne, and drummer Tucker Rule. They began playing basement shows in their hometown of New Brunswick, NJ and the surrounding areas, playing their first official show on December 31, 1998 in Rickly's basement alongside Midtown, Saves the Day and Poison the Well.

Since then, they've gone on to release seven records, recently welcoming Waiting into the world on May 27, 2021.

The band has been at the forefront of the post-hardcore music scene, and are credited as one of the key bands, in the 2000s, to popularize the darker emo sound and screaming vocals which came to prominence at the time. In my opinion, they're the epitome of that post-hardcore sound mixing elements of metal, punk, and hardcore fluidly.

I'll recommend starting with either their new record Waiting or their 2003 album War All the Time. That's where I got my start!

Learn more about Thursday and keep the education going by following along on their website.

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