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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! You know, sometimes driving in video games can be annoying. So that's certain games take a more unrealistic approach. One of these kinds of driving games is so beloved it's kind of surprising that I haven't talked about it yet. Well it's time to change that!

This week's selection is Mario Kart Tour!

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Yes indeed we talk about mobile games here, it's 2021 after all. Technology has certainly gotten to the point where we carry games of this caliber with us anytime, anywhere.

Mario Kart Tour works quite differently from it's console counterparts. Instead of multiple grand prix with pre-selected tracks, the tracks and grand prix on Mario Kart Tour change every two weeks, increasing the variety every time you open the game.

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What makes Mario Kart Tour different in terms of gameplay is that instead of a steering wheel, you control by dragging your finger across the screen and tapping to fire whatever items you get from item boxes. You earn points by drifting, doing tricks while jumping, hitting other racers with items, and various other actions.

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As this is a mobile game, there are micro-transactions to help you get certain drivers or karts. On certain tracks, some drivers and karts will give you bonuses such more items or more points for actions. Using rubies you can fire the warp pipe to hopefully get new drivers and karts.

And it's all in the palm of your hand, so get to driving and nab first place!

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