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Welcome Back to Paradise Presses Play! Recently, a Nintendo Direct happened with the return of a game that many wished for a return. Mario Golf has always been a franchise that I truly loved because it's just a simple game. Mario characters + golf = a fantastic game that caters to everyone. So it makes sense that this week we look back to the last time we saw the game on console.

This week's game is none other than Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour!

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There's no story in Toadstool Tour, which is interesting because it's mobile counterpart Advance Tour has one. While this is a tiny complaint, the rest of the game absolutely makes for it in terms of content. Yes it is a normal golf game with all the facets, but the courses themselves and their designs set it apart from making a day at the course anything but normal.

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You can also upgrade characters by taking them on in Character Match mode. If you defeat a character in this mode you unlock their star version, which lets you hit the ball farther. This will also help you with tournaments in case your having trouble talking the top spot.

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But what if your not feeling just a simple 18 hole round of golf? Well Toadstool Tour has you covered. Ring Shot mode has you hitting through rings on the course while trying to stay under par, while speed golf is exactly what it sounds like. Finish the hole as quickly and efficiently as you can.

Long story short, this game will help you keep busy until the next installment takes to the links. See you out on the course everybody!

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