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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! We rarely talk about sports games here, but that's mainly because I'm not good at them haha. But this week's news certainly calls for an old familiar friend to remerge for the past. Grab your fan gear and get ready for it to settled on the field.

This week's choice is none other than NCAA Football 14.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

With the accountment of EA Sports making its triumphant return to making College Football games, it only makes sense to look back at the last game we saw made with the license. With teams from all the big conferences in the country, it certainly was the only connection any college football fan could truly experience the game.

So NCAA Football 14 has become the pinnacle for anyone wanting to step into the college football world virtually. And there's a ton of options for players here.

Photo courtesy of usatoday.com

If you just want to play a simple game of college football, you can! Pick your favorite team and step onto the field for glory. But maybe you want to play in a different stadium? Or choose a different uniform? No problem! Customization is allowed here, so pick how you want to look and where the contest will go down.

Photo courtesy of sbnation.com

But that's not all! Let's say you want to coach to a team to the National Championship. You can do that too! Fire up Dynasty Mode and start as a new coach and work your way to the program you want to run. Or maybe you want to be a player? In Road to Glory, create yourself and make your own college football story.

Either way, this game will hold us over until College Football once again returns to our video game systems. Time to sharpen those skills on the field for bragging rights!

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