Like most acts, Papa Roach have used the pandemic downtime to focus on new music and while most are aware that a new album is in the works, while speaking with bassist Tobin Esperance, KCAL's 96.7 host Radioactive Mike Z. learned that there could possibly even be a double album when all is said and done.

“We have more than a record pretty much done," said Esperance. "It’s being mixed and there’s some final touches right now. The full album will be released maybe next year but we’ll be dropping some new songs this year."

The bassist says the last year has provided one of the more enjoyable recording experiences the band has had. "We’re very excited about it. We had the most fun making this record, right up there with making our first record and kind of like making Crooked Teeth. That’s what I’d compare this body of work to. And even with that being said, we’re still going into the studio and writing and making more songs. It’s like what else is there to do but to stay creative to stay sane.”

According to Esperance, having the full year to record when they wanted was a rejuvenating factor as opposed to coming off the road and immediately hitting the studio.

With the musician speaking about having an excess of music, the host asked about the possibility of a double album, with Esperance responding, “We totally could do a double album and we’ve had a lot of creative talk of how we want to present it as a whole when it drops. Cause originally, I don’t think we wanted to put out an album again. We just wanted to create songs and put them out when we felt like it. But as time went on, we just keep making songs and now we have like 20 of them. So we’ll narrow down the best and consider an album. But we could put out a double album."

Speaking about the direction of the music, Esperance added, “It’s very energetic and I don’t want to say ‘heavy’ like it’s a heavy metal record, but every emotion is there. There’s a lot of surprises and a lot of great guests and features that we have."

"It’s gonna be a good time and a good listening experience. I can’t wait for this record cause this is music that is gonna go off live. We kept that in mind while we were making this,” he continued, before adding, “It’s one of the most energetic records since Infest.”

Check out more of the chat below.

Papa Roach's Tobin Esperance Speaks With KCAL 96.7's Radioactive Mike Z.

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