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I've been here in Alabama for almost 2 years now, I can gladly say I've had about everything in this town from BBQ to Indian Cuisine. A great thing about this town is the variety of food and snack joints that provide such a wide array of mouth watering dishes. But some for myself (Tab - that's me) seem to have a huge following behind them and I really don't know why. So I'm here to expose those overly celebrated establishment here in town. I'm not here to step on any toes, I'm here to inform you that these establishments do not measure up to the hype and I will tell you why.

Tuscaloosa – COOK OUT

If you're looking for a cheaply made meal this little to know flair or style, Cookout is for you! Yes, they have a huge menu - but you know who else has a huge menu.. Chilli's... If you're a broke college student this place is the Japanese Steakhouse that gets overly loved upon.

Swen Chinese Restaurant - Tuscaloosa Alabama | Visit Tuscaloosa

Cheap Chinese food is easy to find in town, but finding cheap and tasteless Chinese food can only be found at one place, SWENS!!! I've been their plenty of times and never had a good experience.

Another Broken Egg Cafe Expands into North and Central Florida ...

Stick with Waffle House, Another Broken Egg is Another Breakfast Disappointment.

I'm not trying to rile anyone up but in my eyes, people make such a big deal about these places and they don't deliver the satisfaction. Don't @ me.

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