That's right, the McRib will once again be served at McDonald's restaurants all across America. The cult favorite has been available regionally each winter; however, the fast food giant hasn't sold McRibs at every restaurant, so if you wanted to get your McRib fix you had to plan a road trip or have a sandwich plug.


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We are about to be inundated in sweet, tangy McRibs. You'll be able to go to literally any McDonald's and buy the greatest guilty pleasure sandwich known to man.

This is truly a thing of beauty.

I know some of y'all heathen haters are balking at the notion that anyone could love--let alone tolerate--a McRib, but you are a) wrong and b) in need of new tastebuds and/or Jesus.

The McRib S L A P S.

Let me break it down for you: the bun is always light, fresh, and somehow kind of steamy. The mix of barbecue sauce and mayo combined with pickles is just... *chef's kiss*

I know you're going to come at me for liking the "meat" of a McRib, but whatever. I do not care if it is processed and pressed pig feet because it is delicious. And like, honestly, what do you think McNuggets are?

There is no shame in my game, America. I am a proud patriot who loves McDonald's McRib sandwiches and will eat them every chance she gets.

See y'all in the drive-thru lane next month.

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