Alabama head Coach Nick Saban shared a short message Thursday to encourage the people of Tuscaloosa during "halftime" in the battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Last week, Mayor Walt Maddox compared the city's progress to a football game and said that just because we had an early lead against the spread of the virus didn't mean we were guaranteed to win the game.

Saban, like Maddox, used the opportunity to encourage the community to stay the course, practice social distancing, and tolerate the closure of many local businesses a little while longer as we ensure the virus doesn't have a deadly "second wave" that could jeopardize human lives and the return of Alabama football this fall.

"Never give up, fight through the process, do the right thing at the right time all the time, regardless of the circumstances," Saban said. "Think about what we want to make happen, then we've just got to go do it."

Watch the full video below, and listen to Coach Saban!

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