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The other day I was forced to eat something that I've always hated my whole life - greenbeans....

One of my earliest memories of my childhood was being at a daycare and trying it for the first time and having the most disgusting gag reflex. Ever since then, I've been forced to eat this disgusting legume. But now, I'm taking a stand. I don't care if it's my best friend, mom or girlfriend trying to make me eat this horrendous 'food', I'm gonna say "go pound sand".

I don't know why I haven't made this decision and firm stance on my food intake. I'm a grown man (crazy right) that can choose what I want and not want in body. My body, my choice.

From my friend Tim Bone, he says:

Wisely said Tim.... With all that being said, I will say 'Never F'n Again' to greenbeans and all of the things it goes in. I'm sick and tired of that bean.

Roll Tide.

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