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I love when people wear their masks. It makes me happy because I know they care about their health and they also care about our personal health. Walking around Publix's yesterday, I was really losing my mind about how some idiots would wear their mask and don't bat an eye by their actions.

I have a whole list of what I'm talking about:

"Doesn't Nose Anything"

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These are the type of people who are nose breathers (who are better than mouth breathers). people gotta realize that you can spread the rona' by nose breathing also and you can get it by exposing your nose to the general public.

"The idiot"

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In my honest opinion, they are the worst and laziness type of people, these are the people who've haft assed their whole entire life. It's anywhere near your face or mouth, just put the f'n mask on. It's really not that complicated. If you can put on a seat belt, you can put on a mask.

"The Double Chin"

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By not sealing the mask with your chin, you're leaving the virus a straight alley to reaching your mouth and nose. All you gotta do is grab the bottom of the mask and slightly and gently put it over your stupid little chin.

Don't be like these people. Wear the mask right.

Roll Tide.

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