New York City firefighter Louis DeRosa gave the city a shreddy rendition of the National Anthem while standing atop a fire truck. Even better, DeRosa looks to be playing a Jackson, making his performance metal AF.

Everyday at 7PM, New Yorkers have been unified to “Clap Because We Care,” leaning out their windows to fill the streets with applause and cheering for the heroic efforts of health care workers and other essential employees who have risked their health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lower Manhattan’s Ladder 15, along with other fire departments, have been participating in “Clap Because We Care,” visiting hospitals to offer their applause. Louis DeRosa, however, turned Ladder 15’s tribute up to 11 with his Jimi Hendrix-inspired National Anthem performance.

The video was shared on the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York Facebook page and the clip had been viewed nearly three million times since April 24. As you can see, DeRosa is a hell of a guitarist, sweeping and soloing after the anthem’s final notes. For his chops, the New York City streets filled with sounds of a massive and much-deserved ovation.

Watch DeRosa’s full National Anthem performance below.

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