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Eating healthy and nutritious foods is good for the soul and body -- there's no denying that. But with the quarantine happening and the resurgence of food delivery and services going down in delivery cost, it's much more accessible and available.

During COVID, I probably was eating out twice a day, no joke. Being at the station working long hours, it's hard to go home and make a nice lunch without feeling rushed to get back to work on a timely manner. For months, I was eating Archibald's, Chick-Fil-A and so many other great spots here in town. But it was creating unhealthy eating habits and a large whole in my wallet. Something had to change.... So financially I've been meal prepping every Sunday for the upcoming weeks ahead. At first, I was getting frustrated because I was (still am) an awful cook. I only knew how to make 4 to 5 dishes pretty decently, but those dishes were not going to hold my appetite and hungry for long. I explored the world wide web to see if it's possible to healthy foods fast. And the information I got was astounding, it's easier than ever to make good quick meals on the fly for the weeks ahead. By prepping my food, I've lost 5lbs and haven't ever ate this healthy before in my life. Which goes to show that treating your body like a temple, really goes a far way.

Roll Tide.

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