Unfortunately, a reality that we must face-- as much as we hate to admit it --human trafficking in a major issue in the United States, and sometimes Alabamians are victims. Tonight, the second of awareness events will be held at Hillcrest High School.

What exactly IS human trafficking?

According to End Slavery Now, the United Nations classifies human trafficking as a form of slavery in which people are recruited, transported, transferred, harbored, or received...for an improper purpose including forced labor or sexual exploitation. It involves domestic servitude, sex trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, child labor, and even forced marriage!

None of us want to believe that this even happens in the US, let alone OUR state, but according to Yellowhammer News, I-20 (which runs right through Tuscaloosa) is a "sex trafficking superhighway!"

Luckily, the issue is becoming more widely known, and numerous organizations are working to do something about it. Rescuing Hop West Alabama held the first part in an awareness and prevention fundraiser at the Tuscaloosa County High School Stadium last night, and tonight (Wednesday, April 26) the gates at the Hillcrest High School Stadium will open at 6pm for an event that begins at 7pm. Guests include Dana Duckworth, head coach of Alabama gymnastics, author Susan Norris, numerous performers, and other surprise guests. Armbands are only $5 and are available at all Tuscaloosa area Taco Casas.



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