Last night's Game of Thrones finale has your girl saltier than Milo's Mega Size Fries. What even was that?

I was completely underwhelmed by the series finale of what's arguably the biggest show on television. I mean, it was so bad I kept expecting a shot of Jon Snow then a quick cut to black while Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" blasts at full volume.

How are y'all gonna put Bran on the throne? Bran? Sure, he's psychic and "The Keeper of Stories" or whatever, but Bran? Bran has the best story? BRAN? Not Arya, who trained with the greatest assassins known to man and murdered the Ice King? Not Sansa, who overcame torture at the hands of evil men thanks to her quick wit?

Hell, I'd be happy with Samwell on the Throne.

But Bran? BRAN?


I get that we needed some kind of flare (see what I did there?) to end the story of the Mother of Dragons, but it pisses me off that Dany had to die at the hand of her lover/nephew Jon Snow. Despite her faults, Khaleesi was a strong woman. She forged her own path, and for what? For a MAN to take her out?

I'd rather Dany been stabbed in the heart by Arya, but at least the All Time #1 Badass of the Seven Kingdoms is off to forge her own path. I did love seeing that final shot of Arya flying the banner of House Stark as she set off on her own expedition, and all the shoutouts to my girl Sansa, the Queen of the North.

We did get to see Jon pet the Goodest Boy, Ghost. I liked that Jon and Tormund walked off with the Wildlings to establish a new life, but still...


BRAN IS THE KING? Emo Bird Boy is the King of the Six Kingdoms? He's like the kid in your group project who did literally nothing but still gets an A+. HARD PASS.

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