If it's one thing that comes as a surprise, it's that Kim Kardashian may be willing to forgive Caitlyn Jenner much sooner than she had planned. On The View today (June 20), Kim admitted she hasn't spoken to Caitlyn in months because of disparaging claims about Kris Jenner made in the I Am Cait star's memoir.

"I definitely got upset about it,” Kim says. "In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything, so everything is definitely going to be fine.”

Kim, although hurt and "shocked" by revelations in The Secrets of My Life, appears to be open to the idea of a family reunion. She notes that Caitlyn, formerly Bruce Jenner, will forever be part of her.

“She’ll always be my stepdad and always be a person that raised me and taught me so much in life," Kim says. "[She] really stepped up to the plate and took over for my dad when he passed away, and I’ll never forget what Caitlyn instilled in us as kids and was a part of who I am today, so I’ll never forget that.”

Essentially, Kim has hope. She says, "It will work out.”

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