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July 7th, at the Northport Civic Center from 12PM-6PM a event will be held in remembrance of Jaden Elijah Smith. This event is so empowering and such a tear jerker at the same time.

Jaden Elijah Smith was the 11 year old son of Dwayne & Melissa Smith was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma in October 2018. After 15 months of fighting this monster, Jaden went home to his Lord & Savior on Dec 14, 2019.

Neuroblastoma is a solid cancer of the nerve tissue of the sympathetic nervous system. It often begins in the adrenal glands, which are small glands on top of each kidney. It can also begin in the chest, in nerve tissue near the spine in the neck, or in the spinal cord. Neuroblastoma usually begins in early childhood, with about two thirds of the cases presenting before the age of 5. It can be present at birth, but is most often diagnosed much later when the child begins to show symptoms of the disease. In the majority of cases, neuroblastoma has already spread to areas outside of the original site at the time of diagnosis.

It's beautiful to see an event honoring such a strong and courageous man we lost way to soon. Come support a local family and organization to help stamp out Neuroblastoma in our community and around the world.


Roll Tide.


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