When Tuscaloosa's third Whataburger opens later this year, things are going to look different -- the Texas-based chain is ditching their normal bright orange branding at the new store on the Strip.

As the Tuscaloosa Thread first reported more than two years ago, Whataburger is coming to the University Town Center on the Strip near the already open Mediterranean Sandwich Company, Insomnia Cookies and the new joint precinct operated by the Tuscaloosa and University of Alabama Police Departments.

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Work on the new restaurant is well underway, and an eagle-eyed passerby noted on Facebook earlier this week that the new signs are purely white -- the brand's signature orange is missing completely.

Even the city's other two locations feature the brand's standard signage, so this seemed intentional.


The Tuscaloosa Thread reached out to the University to ask if the unique signage was deliberate, and sure enough, a UA spokesperson confirmed that the prime real estate came with the stipulation that no one be subjected to an orange they can't sit with.

"As a requirement for occupancy of the space, Whataburger needed to adjust their typical signage for the location in University Town Center. This type of requirement is typical to ensure aesthetic consistency in developments," UA's assistant director of communications Shane Dorrill said. "The University appreciates Whataburger’s willingness and eagerness to offer the campus community another dining selection."

(Stephen Dethrage | Tuscaloosa Thread)
(Stephen Dethrage | Tuscaloosa Thread)

The city's third Whataburger is expected to open on University Boulevard on the Strip later this year.

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