You never want to see this in a drive-thru.

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A woman in Daphne, Alabama, spotted a RAT in the Whataburger drive-thru. It stared right back at her while she caught the rodent on video. (See below.)

But it's not the first time we've seen something like this.

Last year, a Dollar General Distribution center in Bessemer, AL, closed temporarily due to a "pest" infestation.

A former employee caught the event on video. (Warning: GROSS)

The center promised to close for two weeks while they cleaned the location.

But the rats just keep coming.

The most recent incident, captured by a woman identified by WSFA as Nicole Lett, is pretty unsettling.

Lett can be heard talking to another person in the vehicle, describing what she sees. "Oh my god," said Lett. "Look at what's in the window look at us while it's eating on the bread. Oh my god."

Here's the video she posted on TikTok:

@msnicolecovellett So we’re at Whataburger in Daphne Alabama in line and look at whats looking back at us through the window?! #whataburger #fyp #foryourpage #ratindrivethruwindow #ididnteat ♬ original sound - Nicole Elizabeth Cov

The Whataburger told WFSA that they immediately closed the location and "initiated a deep clean of the entire restaurant."

A representative said that the Daphne location had no history of such events and had earned high scores on its past two health inspections. "We believe this is an isolated situation."

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