Youtube video from a couple of years back recently has been all over social media here in 2024.

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What is the deal?

These are the 10 cities that are the most redneck in our home state.

No, not every city in Alabama is "redneck". Have you been to Huntsville?

Yeah, it's a bunch of rocket scientists.

The video is satire. It's meant to be fun and is not trying to offend.

Please try to NOT get offended by anything in this article.

As the creator of the video points out, we are all at least 25% redneck in Alabama.

It is also mentioned that MOST of the redneck cities are in the NORTHERN part of Alabama.

He also says the cities are measured by hunting, fishing, and Wal-Mart locations.

That's funny.


The video claims that this town is top 5 for Wal-Mart stores and places to get fishing gear. It's also mentioned that the city has multiple mobile home parks within a short distance.


The video starts by pointing to the large amount of fishing "holes" in town. Even though some are private, the creator says "when has a NO FISHING sign stopped a redneck". There's also a mention of pawn shops and tactical supply stores.


The city ranks #1 in Wal-mart stores per capita according to the video. They also talk about the number of blue collar jobs in the city.

Mud And Mischief Abound At Annual Summer Redneck Games
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Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Piggly Wiggly in town is the first reason given by the video creator. The Talladega National Forest is not far away, where you could get your "kill on all day long". He mentions a variety of animals to be hunted in the forest.


Next up, according to the video, a town ranking 4th for gun stores and 5th for bars. As well as being top 5 for smoke shops. Plus, they point out, you live on the banks of the Tennessee river opening up plenty of redneck opportunities.


Nearby Cedar Creek offers fishing year round. However, the video mentions my favorite business on this list. SPEEDI PIG BBQ! Yeah, it sounds like speedy. "A place so redneck, they don't even have a website" according to the video creator.


#7 for smoke shops. #3 for fishing gear. Plus, top 7 for gun stores, the video claims. Smith lake is just down the road too. Rumor has it a 30 pound bass was once reeled in here too.


The video claims the high school grad rate is only 7%. Not something to crow about. "Rednecks just don't like school" according to the video makers. OK.

Mud And Mischief Abound At Annual Summer Redneck Games
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#2 for Wal-Marts. #19 for smoke shops. "Possums and skunks have no chance in hell here" says the video.

AND #1...


What? I just moved to Tuscaloosa from Dothan. I don't know about this. The video mentions it is close to the Panhandle. #1 for gun stores. #1 for fishing gear outlets and #5 for mobile homes. Plus, the video claims, Dothan has 5 Wal-Mart stores in the metro area.

Mud And Mischief Abound At Annual Summer Redneck Games
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So, I guess that's why I moved up north.

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