As the Alabama-Tennessee game draws closer, we're all trying to predict how the Tide will perform this weekend.

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Sports writer Kevin Scarbinsky discussed the topic Tuesday morning with Wimp and Barry Sanderson on "Inside the Locker Room."

"If you compare [Tennessee and Alabama] against a common opponent in Texas A&M, I think you saw similar teams," said Scarbinsky, "[teams] that played very well offensively, that were difficult to run the ball on...and struggled to be consistent on offense, but made enough plays to win that game."

Scarbinsky noted that Jalen Milroe has the ability to make more explosive plays. However, the team's inconsistency is holding them back. "They really haven't put together four quarters yet," said Scarbinsky. "They've had that lull in every game...Tennessee has, too."

Scarbinsky granted that Tennessee has improved this season, though. "Last year was such a high-wire act," said Scarbinsky, "So many big plays offensively, so many points, so many touchdowns." But Scarbinsky thinks this game will look like the opposite.

"This game looks like it will be more of a defensive struggle," said Scarbinsky, "at least the way the teams have evolved up to this point."

Listen to the full interview with Kevin Scarbinsky:

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