Two key members of the Georgia offense spoke to the media this week about Saturday's SEC title tilt. Here's what center Sedrick VanPran and quarterback Carson Beck had to say about the Crimson Tide.

Center Sedric VanPran

Q. Sedrick, what's unique about playing against an Alabama defensive line and some of the stunts and schemes that they run each week?

SEDRICK VAN PRAN: I think what's unique about them is that although they may run stunts and schemes and different things like that, they're very physical. I think up front they control the line of scrimmage well. On the defensive side of the ball, when it comes down to stopping the run, I think they're really, really good for it. They play physical, so on top of having to think about how they move and what indicators tell those things, you have to think about them just striking up front, and that makes things a little bit more difficult.

Q. You talked about the streak earlier, but you were obviously on the Georgia team that lost to them two years ago, the last time you guys lost. What do you recall about that game?

SEDRICK VAN PRAN: That's a great question. I can recall just some of the pain that were in the seniors' eyes after that game and just how bad they wanted that. I think it's definitely something that I still hold dear in my heart, not being able to get those guys an SEC Championship their senior year. It's just a memory that I have from that game for sure.

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Q. Sedrick, I want to follow up on Milroe, and you were willing to comment on the Alabama quarterback, and then Coach Smart later said he was a bigger, more physical version of Lamar Jackson. Is Milroe a guy that other college players like yourself don't have to watch on film but find yourselves watching? Is he that sort of dynamic talent? I wonder if that's the kind of guy that makes other elite athletes stop and pause and watch.

SEDRICK VAN PRAN: Yeah, I think definitely for sure. I think ultimately we're all deep down just fans of the game. We try to watch as much football as possible. We try and enjoy competitive games. He's definitely a guy that I think in my opinion a lot of athletes have a lot of respect for. He brings a very unique sense to the game. He can extend plays with his legs. He can throw the ball downfield. He's really, really tough. He's also smart. He doesn't try to take a lot of hits. I think he's a really, really good player, and I think ultimately because we're all fans of the game we appreciate what he can do and respect what he can do on the field.

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I think ultimately you're right in the sense that as students and fans of the game, we definitely respect and try and watch quality football for sure.

Q. Following up on that, the last time you played an elite Alabama quarterback it was Bryce, and I think Jordan Davis said they called him the Gingerbread Man. Is there any name for Jalen Milroe yet that you've heard bandied about?

SEDRICK VAN PRAN: To my knowledge, no, I don't think we've given him a nickname. I'm not sure about the nickname with Bryce, either. I don't remember that. But who am I to say that it didn't happen. That might have been a defensive thing, I don't know. To my knowledge I don't think we've given Jalen Milroe a nickname. I think there's a lot of respect for what he can do on the field and definitely a very quality opponent for sure.

QB Carson Beck

Q. I don't know whether you saw it live or after your game, but as a quarterback, what went through your mind when you saw the finish from that Alabama-Auburn game from Jalen?

CARSON BECK: Yeah, so I saw that after obviously we had to play Georgia Tech, but I saw it after, and I mean, what a crazy wild ending to a game. I know that's one of the biggest rivalries in all of college football, the Alabama-Auburn game that is, but to see that play, I feel like you see so many crazy plays from the history and past of that game, but watching that, that was definitely crazy and fun to watch.

Q. When you were young, how many times did you throw that play in the backyard with friends?

CARSON BECK: Yeah, it's definitely like a backyard football type of game, back there, kind of throwing it up, especially 4th and goal. Absolutely insane. Just a crazy play.

Q. I wonder if you can reflect on your time as an Alabama commitment, if you remember any interactions you might have had with Nick Saban during that span.

CARSON BECK: Yeah, I mean, that was a long time ago, but obviously a great coach, one of the greatest of all time. Just stern with it, sets a standard. It's a very similar program to Georgia and the things that we believe in, the ideals. But obviously Coach Saban is a great coach, and I have tons of respect for him.

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