Former Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe spoke highly of the Crimson Tide's new head coach, Kalen DeBoer.

In his interview on "The Game" hosted by Ryan Fowler he gave specific mention to DeBoer's offensive strategy.

"You're an offensive coach," said Fowler. "What does [DeBoer] do offensively that grabs your attention?"

Cutcliffe responded by noting how in his system they throw the ball on time. "I like the route concepts," he said. "If you look what happened with Penix up there--left sacks, more timing, getting the ball out of his hands."

Cutcliffe also emphasized that DeBoer's team throws seams well. "You take a field and the way coverage is, you split it into quarters, thirds or halves--or a combination thereof. I think they do a good job of being productive in yards per catch."

"When you're hitting receivers when they're on the run," explained Cutcliffe, "as opposed to stationary or coming back to you, yards per catch rises quickly...I think they do a good job of hitting receivers on the run."

Listen to the full interview with Coach David Cutcliffe here.

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