It's the first Friday The 13th of 2017, and not only that, there's also a Full Moon tonite. Have you been extra careful Today? Have you walked under a ladder, Stepped on a sidewalk crack, or had a Black Cat cross your path? Whatever precautions you have taken, you can never be too careful when it comes to Friday The 13th.

Seeing that Today is Friday The 13th, I wanted to know what are generally considered, the Top 10 Superstitions. I did a little investigating, and got my answer from Here's what they came up with...


10. Crossing fingers

Crossing fingers

The superstition of crossing fingers is used in two different ways. On one side it is believed that crossing the finger will bring good luck while making a wish because it will hold the wish in between fingers till it comes true. On the other side it is believed that crossing fingers show negation of a promise or nullifying it. It also shows lie or a false promise when crossed fingers are hold on back.

9. Howling dogs

Howling dogs

Some truth lies in the belief that howling dog is a symbol of death. Dogs have a good sense of smell and they can tell when a man or an animal has died. Dog howls may be when it actually smells death. But it doesn’t show that dogs can smell death before it occurs.

8. Wishing on moon

wishing on moon

In old times people used to think that moon was made of silver. Thus wishing upon moon was supposed to bring wealth to their homes. It was a myth to tab the empty wallet on seeing the full moon to bring more money. Some myths describe new moon a symbol of good luck. Gradually people started to wish on moon for all types of favors.

7. Distorted image/broken mirrors

Distorted image/broken mirrors

Before mirrors were invented people used to see their reflections in metal objects or water and if their image is distorted, they used to think that their souls were broken. After mirror invention an ancient myth was the belief that the image in a mirror is the actual soul. A broken mirror represented that the soul has been astray from body. To break that spell of misfortune, one must wait for seven hours (one for each year of bad luck) before picking up the broken pieces of mirrors, and bury them outside in the moonlight.

Engagement ring myth

Engaged or married people wear a ring around their finger. The concept of wedding ring comes from Egypt. Egyptians believed that a vein in the left hand from third finger runs straight to the heart. Ring in finger symbolizes love. The circle is uninterrupted continuous ring which is the symbol of a lasting marriage. If the ring breaks, it means bad luck. If it is lost or taken off, it means that love might escape from heart.

5. Horseshoe


Horses were considered as sacred animals in ancient Greece. If someone finds a lost horseshoe, it means that the good luck will be coming to him. It was supposed to be hung over the house door with the open end up, in order to attract good luck and hold it. Moreover, hanging a horseshoe in bedroom tends to keep your nightmares at bay.

4. Knock on wood

Knock on wood

You must have heard about touching or knocking the woods. This superstition has origins to the days when men thought that Gods lived in trees. For asking the favor of God, one has to touch the tree. If the wish was granted, one must touch the tree again to thank the god.

3. Four leaf clover

Four leaf clover

Bringing home all the goodness is represented by the four leaf clover. Clover is supposed to protect animals and humans from evil spells. It is thought to bring in good luck when one finds a four leaf clover, especially for the Irish people.

2. The number “13”

friday 13

From ancient time, the sixth day of the week (Friday) and the number 13 both have bad reputations, and their inevitable conjunction for about one to three times in a year portends more misfortune and bad luck than some credulous minds can bear. People believe on it so much that they do not go for work on Friday the 13th, some won’t eat in restaurants and many wouldn’t even think of setting a wedding on the date.

1. Black Cats

blk cats 2

The witches were b to have black cats as pets; a common belief of the Middle Age people. The witches were believed to make magic brews by mixing brains of black cats with parts of toads, snake and insects. If a black cat of a witch lived up for seven years without ending up in a brew, it was thought that the cat would change into a witch. No one will want a witch to cross their path. So when a black cat passes by, it is assumed that something bad is going to happen. Even today, there are people around us who will go out of their way in just to avoid having a black cat cross in front of them."

So, there you have it. Try an avoid all the BAD Superstitions on this list, and stock up on all the GOOD ones, for achieving success, on making it through THIS Friday The 13th! 

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