With the recent success of their "Teal" album, Weezer, has seemed to take over the "Cover Scene". As we all know they had a huge boom of success earlier this year with their cover "Africa" by Toto. But the real question is this, are they just tired of making new and authentic music? Don't get me wrong they sound fantastic doing covers, but there always comes a point of making music were you're mentally and physically exhausted to make new and exciting music. In my mind, this easily could be a buffering stage for the band, they're quite simply tossing out timeless songs with a cover on top of it to stay relevant in the music scene. Yesterday, they released the music video for "Take on me" originally done by the band, a-ha, which already has a timeless music video to it (it won countless awards for the stop and go comic style video). Here is this new and improved version of that song, done by Weezer.


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