I am willing to forgive just about any behavior at a show, but there is one thing I cannot abide. 

If you spend the entirety of a concert running your mouth, congratulations: you are dead to me.

I went to see St. Paul and the Broken Bones at Druid City Music Hall on Friday night. The band, as always, BROUGHT IT. I was in awe of their stage presence and just how much these dudes rock. It would have been a 10/10 if other show attendees had behaved like decent human beings.

If we're at a show, I don't mind if you act like a total fool--as long as you're into it. You can push me out of the way to closer to the stage. I don't care if you hold up your phone and record half the show. You can dance and thrash--again, that's all fine. I may cringe inside, but I will even look the other way if you wear a band t-shirt to that band's concert.

But if you spend the whole dang show running your mouth... I am restraining myself from going off on you. I just want to know WHY. Why, y'all? Why spend time and money coming to a concert if you're just going to stand there with your friends and carry on a loud conversation?

UGGGGGGGHHHHH. I had at least two big groups of idiots push me out of the way to get closer to the stage only to spend 99.9999999% of the show just talking like the band wasn't even on stage. I know I sound like an old person here, but whatever. I've had the same show complaint since I was a groupie Band-Aid back in my college days.

If you want to run your mouth, just go to a bar or stay home.

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