Since Today is Sunday,(my only day off), I decided to spend the day, by doing a little bit of shopping. I've been in the market for a tiny keyboard to noodle on. So, I went to Toys R' Us to see if I could find an inexpensive one. Anyway, while I was walking down the main, side aisle, I spotted a toy called "Gooey Louie". Immediately, I HAD to check it out!

I proceeded to pick up the box, and read what "Gooey Louie" was all about, and what the object of the game was. As I read the product description, I got my answer:

"Pick a winner with Gooey Louie --who "nose" what you'll find when you dig in and try? But watch out . . . If you pick the wrong gooey from Louie his eyes will pop, he'll flip his lid, his head will pop open, and his brain will fly out! This kids game helps develop fine (and gross!) motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Who knew a booger game could be so much fun? For 2 or more players ages 4 and up. Includes Gooey Louie, 1 jumping brain, 1 base, 12 gooeys (boogers), 1 die, complete instructions. From the makers of Doggie Doo and Pop the Pig."

Sounds Interesting, right? Well, check out the game in action:

Yes, even though some might think that the game is gross, I find it ENTERTAINING and HILAROUS! How would I know? Because I wound up buying one Today!:-)

MY VERDICT: I officially give it a "THUMBS UP!", or rather, an "INDEX FINGER UP!", and I'm FLATTERED to have a game named after me! Even if is called, "GOOEY LOUIE!" :-)



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