You can't watch this viral video without laughing... you just can't. I saw it on a friend's Facebook page and have watched it, like, seventeen times already. For the record, I only lasted 20 seconds before dying of laughter. I challenge you to break my record!

This "Goats Yelling Like Humans" video has been viewed on Youtube over SIX MILLION times. I can see why. Watch for yourself, but be prepared to LOSE IT.

I couldn't write this post without sharing the video below. It's a screaming goat video remixed to an Usher jam. My BFF and I watched it about 50 times in a row one night after a bottle of Chardonnay. Even without a sippy cup of "Mommy's Juice," I still find this hysterical.

And JUST BECAUSE, here is a video of my baby's laughter. Enjoy!

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