Does eating bacon, butter, steak, chicken, and coconut oil sound like a diet to you?  I'll admit I was skeptical the first time I read about the Ketogenic diet as well. This low carb, high fat way of eating has helped a lot of my friends lose a RIDICULOUS amount of weight, so I decided it was time to give it a try.

I've been super frustrated lately with my weight gain. I lost about 40 pounds last year and have gained it all back after starting a new antidepressant (and, tbh, ordering more Crimson 2 Go than I should). I want to get back to the size I was last year so that I can be more active and fit into the cute clothes I bought, so... Keto time!

I finished my first day of Keto yesterday. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, chicken and broccoli for lunch, and a hamburger patty topped with avocado along with a side of green beans sauteed in bacon fat. Hardly sounds like a diet, right?

The whole gist of Keto is limiting your carbs. I am aiming to have less than 20 grams of carbs a day, which forces my body into a state of ketosis where I am burning fat for fuel instead of relying on carbs and sugar. It's supposed to help you drop the pounds quickly; I have friends who've lost 40 pounds in like 2 months, and I am hoping for similar results.

You can read more about going Keto here. As always, check with your doctor before you begin any weight loss program.

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