People in Tuscaloosa want the president of the Tuscaloosa County High School Alumni Association removed from that position after offensive posts on her Facebook have drawn ire in the community.

Corinne Weiss, the group's president, has posted several times to her personal Facebook in the last month deriding George Floyd, the black man killed by police during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota last month and the nationwide protests and civil unrest that followed.

Some posts outlined Floyd's criminal past, others mocked the appearance of those protesting in his memory and another seemed to stereotype black people, saying "Let's hope it will remain legal to grow watermelons and have fried chicken businesses."

In response, a new group has been formed on Facebook called Justice for County High Alumni Association! to discuss strategies for holding Weiss accountable for the posts.

The group is studying the organization's bylaws and asking members to contact members of the Association's board of directors to demand Weiss be removed as president.

According to Weiss and public posts from the group, the board met earlier this week and voted to keep Weiss in her position, but apparently there was not a quorum and the vote will not hold -- the full board is scheduled to meet Thursday, June 18th.

A post in the new group also says that at least three members of the board have resigned in protest over Weiss being allowed to remain president.

Weiss, for her part, says the outrage is being manufactured by a 2010 County High graduate who is a Black Lives Matters activists.

Stay tuned to this site and station for more information as it becomes available.

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