Are you ready to get "Mooned"? Not just "Mooned" but "Supermooned"? Ok, maybe not just "Supermooned", but "Super Blue Blood Mooned"? Well, this Wednesday you'll be getting a "3 in 1" package deal! As an event that hasn't been seen on Earth in 35 years, and in The United States over 150 years will be taking place.

According to the experts, this Wednesday, (1/31), the moon will officially reach its full phase at 7:27 a.m. local time. This is our 2nd full moon to occur in this month, an event which is known as a "Blue Moon". Around the same time, this full moon will be making an extremely close approach to Earth, which is known as a "Supermoon". In addition to these events, residents in some parts of the world will also see a total lunar eclipse this Wednesday.  When the lunar eclipse hits its peak, the moon’s face can sometimes take on a reddish tone, which is how it gets it's name of "Blood Moon".

So, be prepared to get "Super Blue Blood Mooned" this Wednesday!  An event that hasn't been seen in The U.S. since 1866!

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