Forever the Sickest Kids look to be teasing a return with new music.

The neon pop-punk band have been actively sharing studio pictures and videos on social media in recent weeks, hinting at both a rerelease of debut album Underdog Alma Mater, as well as the potential for brand new material.

On April 21, FTSK took to Facebook and posted the phrase "Stinger Coming..." which got fans speculating that the band were active once more. They then followed that with an in-studio video where the song "Believe Me, I'm Lying" was playing, suggesting the possibility of some kind of re-working of old music.

A week later, Forever the Sickest Kids again teased fans on Facebook, this time posting a 3D shot of the studio where they're seemingly at work on something. The accompanying caption read "Come into the 3D studio journey with us?? Hop into this picture and pretend you aren't an ant in an ant colony..."

Forever the Sickest Kids' last album, J.A.C.K., dropped in 2013, after which the band announced a hiatus. Prior to J.A.C.K., the band released two LPs: 2011's self-titled album, which debuted at No. 33 on the Billboard 200; and scene classic Underdog Alma Mater, which peaked at No. 45.

The Dallas band remain best-known for the fun-loving neon singles taken from Underdog Alma Mater, with the likes of "Woah-Oh! (Me Vs Everyone," "She's A Lady" and "Hey Brittany" leading to the band becoming Warped Tour favorites and touring partners for Metro Station, Cobra Starship and the Maine.

More recently, Forever the Sickest Kids released a 10-year-anniversary vinyl edition of Underdog Alma Mater in 2018 and have played a small number of shows in the Texas area.

Forever the Sickest Kids were part of a feature we ran earlier this year looking back on scene bands that appeared on MTV's Silent Library. Head here to check out FTSK, All Time Low, Never Shout Never and more take part in the quietly silly game.

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