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With 2020 being a hot dumpster fire of a year - something I've been noticing is that baseball this year isn't really measuring up to past years. I'm not just saying this because I'm a hopeless Yankees fan, but because there hasn't been an outstanding player that has gone over and beyond. I always look for passionate ball players who seem larger than life and have a ton of swagger.

From the years past, I can think of 10 or 20 players that I would watch on the tube because they had the attitude and demeanor of a bad motha. From ARod to Puig - these players embodied the unlikely 'cool' effect to baseball which is super hard to find nowadays.

Maybe Baseball has gone to it's oldschool roots of being kinda 'lul'.

Growing up, Baseball was so badass. Players juicing, scandals and REAL mound chargers. It was just so fun on and off the field and it was a whole-notha job following the players lives and arrests over the weekend. I remember being so pumped hearing about Sammy testing positive for PED's and Mark getting positive also.

In today's PC age, all players are getting more buttoned up and being more pleasant. What I really want, is a PED Baseball League... All juiced and pumped players hittin' freakin' dingers every other at-bat. Baseball needs some excitement asap.

Roll Tide.


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