Are you ready for this jelly?

TikTok has been losing its mind over a type of leggings meant to define the derriere. I'm sure we've all seen the videos by now, but here's a compilations in case you've been living in a cave without wifi.

Who doesn't want a perfect lil' peach?

I bought two pairs of these Aimilia leggings on Amazon. They were like $25, so I figured I didn't have much to lose. It's not like I am buying a $99 pair of Lululemon leggings. I clicked 'add to cart' and began eagerly awaiting the day my leggings would be delivered to me.

After what felt like an eternity, they FINALLY arrived. I immediately tried on BOTH pairs and I'll be 100 with y'all-- the infamous booty leggings definitely live up to the hype!

I can't get over how great I feel in these leggings, y'all. (Meg Summers/TSM)

I mean, I'm not an instant Kardashian or anything, but the minute I slapped these bad boys on, I felt like it was time to set off on the Oregon Trail because my wagon was READY.

I look like the original Slim Thicc Queen, Ms. Incredible. I am basically a Pixar Mom in these leggings, and the self esteem boost alone is worth the price tag.

So... if you need me, I will be applying for a CDL so I can drive this DUMPTRUCK.

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