How sweet it is, Alabama winning a 16th title Monday night, taking claim of the College Football Playoff National Championship!   Watch video capturing the excitement at the end of the game around The Strip in Tuscaloosa, on such a memorable night!

Unlike a blow out, where you could sit back and relax, this game had you on pins and needles all the way through. This championship game will go down as one of the best in years, and thankfully we came out on the winning side of it!

The taste of victory is that much better when it's hard fought. Being this game went right down to the final seconds of regulation, it was all eyes glued on the action. When the moment came, it was ON, it's time to go NUTS, we just won the national championship!

The video below shows reaction of Alabama scoring at the end of the game, as the fight song 'Yeah Alabama' comes on, followed by singing 'Rammer Jammer' at the sight of the final score.  It wasn't long after people from EVERYWHERE starting pouring out to University Boulevard to come together in the freezing cold weather to celebrate!

Take a look, and Roll Tide!