This is a really good idea, the 'Talladega Grille'at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. The superspeedway is a major attraction to the area and is a major part of our local culture.  Showcasing this to visitors coming through the airport gets the checkered flag from me!

The soon to open restaurant will obviously be selling food. I would imagine the menu would showcase popular local dishes. Plus, you know there will be plenty of memorabilia to line the walls.  But, might I suggest games? Yeah, yeah, I'm always looking to play, right. Hear me out. How cool would it be to have a race game in the restaurant for guests waiting for their flights? I'm talking about the car game you see at carnivals. You know, the game where have up to 10 contestants lined up. Everyone has to roll a ball up to the target with multiple holes. Each hole has a different point value. Each point moves your car on the big board closer to the finish line. The bell sounds and the winner gets a prize!

What a great way to pass time! Just think of the glowing reviews and word of mouth the restaurant would get around the world. I can hear it now, a couple of corporate suits get together. One suit talks about this one airport restaurant and blah, blah. Then you have the other suit who brings up the 'Talladega Grille' in Alabama and the car game! Instantly anyone would become curious and envious at the same time. Next thing you know, people are coming to Alabama to see what all the hype is about. It could lead to even bigger and greater things.  Okay, I'm getting a little carried away. Let's just start with the one carnival-themed car game.

If you need a visual on what I'm talking about, below it so happens to be a random carnival video showing the game being played!  You may want to fast forward to :25, where the actions starts.

Carnival Race Game Footage

That's it! Fun! I wonder if you shared the same chuckle of a reaction to the song being played during the race?  The 2012 dated video relying on a 1996 song from Shania Twain for a theme.  Love it!  Sure, "You Win My Love" has racing metaphor lyrics and the video was shot on a go cart course.  I find it amusing in that sound effects could have easily been played during the game.  Nope, it's the carnival, and old songs to fit a theme need to be resurrected.  The kids won't know them, but Mom and Dad will appreciate the flashback.  Makes me wonder, what else could be added to this stellar "racing" soundtrack?  Any ideas?

I say, let's call up that video from the pop and country superstar who was on the top of the world back in the 90s.

Shania Twain "You Win My Love"