Today is Fat Tuesday, so why not get in to the Carnival spirit and learn more about how the seasonal celebration began in Mobile!  Mardi Gras was first celebrated in Mobile, the first capitol of French Louisiana, in 1703. What began as a French Catholic celebration has transformed over the centuries into weeks of revelry that include parties and parades for people of all religious affiliations.

Mobile's Mardi Gras celebration stands out in many ways; most notably the long-standing tradition of exclusive societies and formal masked balls--and Joe Cain Day, a day devoted to commemorating the legacy who revived Mobile's Mardi Gras. Joe Cain Day includes its own parade--complete with its own mystic societies: Joe Cain's Merry Widows and The Mistresses of Joe Cain.

Mobile's Mardi Gras celebration has a rich history; learn more about its storied past and present day celebrations by visiting the city's official site HERE.

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