After all the Christmas Shopping is finished, and all the presents have been unwrapped, you might find yourself a bit hungry. You also might find yourself a little tired to cook for everyone, or maybe you're like me and simply too lazy. Well, there's GOOD news! There are some national restaurant chains that will be open on Christmas Day! After a doing a little research I found 10 of them for you.

However, it would be a good idea to call the restaurant of your choice ahead of time, to ensure that they are open because locations might slightly vary.

Here are TEN of them for you.

10) Denny's: There are none in Tuscaloosa, but if you find yourself traveling they are always open. In fact, it's their busiest day of the year.

9) Shoney's: Like, Denny's, none in Tuscaloosa, but if you see one on the road, most likely they are open.

8) Huddle House: There's one in Brookwood off the highway. I ate there a few weeks back and it was GOOD!

7) Buffalo Wild Wings: Most of them should be open, but it might be a wise idea to call them first.

6) iHop: The one on Skyland Boulevard will be open.

5) Golden Corral: The closest one is in Hoover, but it's worth the drive for me. Their Meat Loaf is AMAZING!

4) Ryan's: If you find one, they're probably open. There's one in Columbus. I ate there last Easter, and it hit the spot!

3) Starbucks: Yes, many of these are open on Christmas Day. But hours vary, so call first to make sure that you don't waste a trip.

2) Panda Express: If you're in the mood for Chinese, you might be in luck. Many are open on Christmas Day. However, since they are all locally owned and operated, there are some that are closed. So call them first before you head out there.

1) Waffle House: Several Tuscaloosa Locations, All Open, All Delicious!


There You Have It! Merry Christmas & Bon Appetit!




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