The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a report stating the dangers of consuming hand sanitizer after four people died doing so.

In May and June, 15 people in Arizona and New Mexico were hospitalized after drinking hand sanitizer that contained methanol. Of those 15 patients, four died. five remain hospitalized, and three were discharged with vision loss. Four patients were fortunately discharged with no complications.

"Alcohol-based hand sanitizer products should never be ingested," the agency advised in a statement issued Wednesday, August 5th. "In patients with compatible signs and symptoms or after having swallowed hand sanitizer, prompt evaluation for methanol poisoning is required. Health departments in all states should coordinate with poison centers to identify cases of methanol poisoning."

I am certainly not going to make light of another person's plight, but this is common sense.


It is called HAND sanitizer for a reason. The label on every bottle says "do not consume." I know it's 2020 where anything is possible, but my having to write an article reminding people not to ingest literal poison was certainly not on the list of things I thought I would have to do.

Don't drink hand sanitizer. Don't eat hand sanitizer. Don't smear hand sanitizer on your sandwich like mayo or attempt to dip your fries in hand sanitizer like ketchup. It is HAND SANITIZER and should be used as such.

Just... wow.

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