Can You Guess This Northport Restaurant?

So here I am, wondering what I'm going to eat for dinner. My good friend had a suggestion but I'd never been to this place before.......

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First off, shoutout to Mary K for taking me to this Tuscaloosa restaurant. I've never been in my life and now I'm wondering why I never have. The food was amazing!

After I finished my radio show, it was time for dinner. The only issue was that I had NO IDEA where I wanted to go for food. After spending literal hours trying to decide on a place, my friend Mary K suggested this Tuscaloosa restaurant that she raved over.

I gave in and we ended up grabbing some food from this place. Ya'll..... MY. LIFE. HAS. BEEN. CHANGED. FOREVER.

The gizzards were bomb. The cornbread dressing and giblet gravy was lit, and the sweet tea was just right. I was so shocked! How could it be possible for me to have never been to a place so good. I was so full and satisfied that I couldn't grab dessert like I wanted to. I had to walk past the cakes on the way out knowing I'd have to come back to try some.

They even had basketball showing on multiple TVs in the restaurant. The only thing that I didn't like was there wasn't someone to carry me to my car and lay me to sleep while I was driven home. Lol!

This place isn't hidden at all! It wasn't packed but it for sure wasn't empty. I really want to know if you could find out which restaurant in Northport I went to. Can you guess the right answer?

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