Did You Hear About This?

A brawl broke out at an Indiana McDonald’s early last Friday morning. It was approximately 3 a.m. when two women drove up to a local Mickey D's. They picked up their order but returned moments later to complain that they weren’t given the correct number of Chicken McNuggets. A manager showed them a receipt for an order of four mcnuggets, not ten, and were told they had to get to the back of the line if they wanted to place another order.

This is when things started to go a bit haywire. The women started honking their horn and banging on the drive-thru window. Then they both climbed through the window and started attacking the manager!

The melee continued for more than a minute, until the women climbed back out and into their car and fled the scene.

That's crazy! But you know what I found most fascinating thing about this story? The fact that Two Women, who are obviously addicted to Chicken McNuggets, (I mean, at 3 ia.m. there are much better choices to satisfy your late night cravings), were skinny enough to be able to SQUEEZE through a drive-thru window!

In any event if you want to see more, read HERE


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