Ok, I admit it! I LOVE Dollar General! Seriously, if they had a Meat Department, (with a Butcher), a Produce section, & a FULL Liquor Selection, it would be the ONLY place that I shop. Anyway, tonight while I was shopping at my FAVORITE Dollar General, (on Hargrove Road), stocking up for Snowpalooza '17 this weekend, I was inspired to come up with my Top 10 Reasons Of WHY I LOVE Dollar General. I could've easily come up with at least 50. Anyway, HERE they are....

10) Fruit Stripe Gum: Dollar General seems to be the only place in town where I can easily find this gum in stock. At other stores, not so much....

9) Headphones: Being on airI go through headphones like Taylor Swift goes through Boyfriends! That's why I go to Dollar General to get my pairs, usually for less than $20 a pop! It makes me laugh at all those folks who shell out around $200 for a pair of Dr. Beats phones. Honestly, they're not that much better. However, if you want to shell out 200 Bucks for about 30 dollars worth of parts, and 170 dollars worth of HYPE, then be my guest!

8) Backyard BBQ Grills: Grilling is a SERIOUS pastime down here in the South. And if you want to spend SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars on a grill, I do understand completely. However, for me and my budget, I bought a Portable Grill last March for 15 Bucks, which lasted me through THANKSGIVING! What A Bargain!

7) Bath Towels: Sometimes, I'm too lazy to do laundry and wash Bath Towels. So what do I do? Yep, I head on down to "The DG", and buy them for $3.00 a piece! It saves me time from doing actual laundry, and it gets me a FRESH Towel immediately! The only drawback is, I have a TON of 3 Dollar, Dollar General Towels that I need to wash eventually.

6) Pet Food: Dollar General's "EverPet" brand of Dog and Cat Food is always such a STEAL! It's simply CHEAPER than all other brands of pet food. And it tastes GREAT, too! I mean, I've been feeding it to my Pets for years, and never once have they ever complained!  

5) Toilet Paper: Where else can you get 12 DOUBLE ROLLS Of Multi-Ply Toilet Paper for $5.00?! That's Right! Dollar General, Baby!

4) The Toy Aisle: You can find loads of cheap toys for under 5 Dollars in this aisle, with some as low as 1 Dollar! This is perfect, because kids usually get bored quickly, or break their toys not to long after getting them. And the Toy Aisle at Dollar General is the ideal solution for keeping your children occupied without breaking the bank!

3) Wolf Brand Chili: I first discovered Wolf Brand Chilli at Dollar General when it was on sale for $1.19 a can! When I ate it for the first time, I said to myself, "This Chili is TOO good to be priced at $1.19 a can!" Turns out, it was just on sale for that week. However, it got Wolf Brand Chili on my radar, and I've been a BIG FAN ever since!

2) TracFones: Do you have a Sidechick, a Sugar Daddy, or a Friend W/ Benefits, that you need to keep in contact with, yet you can't use your regular phone because you need to be DISCREET?  Then, what you need is a DISPOSABLE phone to help keep everything on the down low. Dollar General has plenty of them on the CHEAP!

1) Seasonal Markdowns: Like tonight, when I walked into the store, they had assorted Christmas Items at 70% off! Tomorrow, it might be even MORE! They would rather sell it, than have to throw it away. So GET down there!

Anyway, these are just a FEW reasons of WHY I Love Dollar General! Hope you enjoyed this Blog today, and much as I LOVE The Dollar General! :-)

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