Once again, I'm Humbled and Flattered by all the wonderful comments that I have been receiving concerning "THE SATURDAY NITE REGRIND W/ LOUIE LINGUINI" show on Star 101.7. Ever since my return to the airwaves back in October, I've been getting a lot of LOVE, and I can't tell you how much it means to me. Last week, I thanked a few listeners who left me some kind words on my Facebook Page. This week, I got a few more kind comments, which compelled me to say "THANK YOU" again! Here are just a few more LISTENER TESTIMONIALS that I received this past Saturday Night....

"Kicking it OLD SCHOOL tonight with Louie!! Saturday Night ReGrind!!! The only music worth listening to now a days!!"   Marcy Pennington Rodgers   Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"So glad to turn on the radio and hear Saturday night regrind again! Just introduced your show to my 12 year old daughter and she loves it! Brings back a LOT of memories for me! Keep getting down Louie and rock on!!"   Alisha Franz Williams   Guin, Alabama

"Louie Linguini has it jamming tonight! My kids were begging me to change the radio when they heard it was oldies. I stuck to my guns and my 9 yr old was doing running man to ice ice baby in the parking lot of dollar general!  They are loving moms "oldies " now. They wanna hear hammer time!"   Charity Green   Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Louie Linguini I'm loving the Saturday Night Regrind. It brings back so many good memories."    Justin Nix    Winfield, Alabama

"Louie, felt like I was in high school again Saturday night listening to the regrind. Thanks for playing the electric slide and other great songs from my era. I'm a member of the class of 1993. I'm a proud graduate of the Alabama school for the blind in Talladega."    State-Evangelist Shane Watkins     Berry, Alabama



Much Luv, Big Noodle Lou :-)

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