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Who doesn't like a good BBQ?!? Beer, brats, burgers and bourbon!! A reason I love summer are the excuse to go see the boys and girls sitting by the grill and having a great grand time. But are they okay to have during this COVID crisis? Let me give you my uneducated answer.

Everybody is saying "social distancing" which is great!

Lets discus social distancing...

WHAT IS SOCIAL DISTANCING The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages everyone to stay home and avoid non-essential travel. If you must go in public for essentials, practice social distancing — that is, maintaining physical space around you — by:

You can still stay connected while staying away. Tips include:

The quick and honest answer to 'Having a BBQ during the quarantine'.... DON'T. If you love your family and friends, you won't put them in danger or put them at risk of the virus.

Roll Tide.