The McCarron family grew by one on Tuesday night when AJ and his wife Katherine welcomed a baby boy to the world. 

The boy, named Tripp, was officially introduced on Twitter by AJ.

If his size is any indication, baby McCarron could have a future as a quarterback just like his father. With his parents attending college at Alabama and Auburn, it could make for a contentious decision in 18 years. The couple has addressed that rivalry in the past so it's something to keep an eye on.

McCarron is entering his third season with the Cincinnati Bengals, and appears to be in line to back up starting quarterback Andy Dalton again. McCarron opened some eyes around the league when he took over for an injured Dalton down the stretch and had the franchise in position to win its first postseason game in 25 years before colossal blunders by the defense cost led to a Pittsburgh victory.

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