Director and comedian Adam McKay is the next to pitch in his two cents regarding The Irishman director Martin Scorsese's strong stance against superhero movies. Both Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have since made their opinions known — blockbuster Marvel movies are downright damaging for the medium of cinema. McKay, who made his directorial transition from broad comedy to sharper satire in The Big Short and Vice, feels differently. In a recent interview with Deadline, McKay shares that there is absolutely a place for Marvel blockbusters in American cinema:

“I wrote one, Ant-Man, and I love ‘em,” says McKay. “I felt like, c’mon Marty, what are you doing? You’re an all-time hero, and some of those movies are really good. To anyone who disses superhero movies, I always say, watch Thor: Ragnarok. That movie is awesome.”

McKay's new production company, Hyperobject Industries, has a first-look feature film deal with Paramount Pictures for McKay's newest satire, Don't Look Up. The film will be about two meteorologists who must warn the people of Earth about a collision that will likely destroy them all. There's also talks that Hyperobject Industries will tackle David Wallace Wells' Uninhabitable Earth in a new Black Mirror-style series.

Who will be next to throw their hat in the ring for the "superhero-as-cinema" debate? We'll be ready with our popcorn.

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