Blake Shelton was recently named People's "Sexiest Man Alive," and I have questions. 

Namely, did everyone else die?

I mean, Blake isn't bad to look at and all, but there are SO MANY other hotties out there more deserving of the title. Here are my top seven nominees to replace Blake as the reigning Hottie McHotstuff.

"Star Trek Beyond" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet
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1. Idris Elba
HERE'S THE REAL SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. Contest Over. Seriously. You could get pregnant just by looking at this picture.

The Weinstein Company & Netflix's 2017 SAG After Party in partnership with Absolut Elyx
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2. David K. Harbour
The real stranger thing is why this hottie isn't on People's list. Hopper stole my heart in Stranger Things, and have you seen him in promo shots for the new Hellboy? Have. Mercy.

Oklahoma v Ohio State
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3. Lincoln Riley
Oklahoma's Head Coach has it goin' onnnnnn. At 34, he's the youngest HC in the nation, and again--it must be said here--he is FOINE.

Firefly Music Festival 2015 - Day 3
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4. Sturgill Simpson
He could pass for my husband's doppleganger, so I am a little biased...but Sturg can SANG and he's smart as a whip.

Getty Imagesfor SXSW
Getty Imagesfor SXSW

5. Jon Hamm
*fans self*

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
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6. Jay R. Ferguson
Why isn't he in every show/movie ever? I bet his beard smells like whisky and secrets.

CinemaCon 2017 - Warner Bros. Pictures Invites You To "The Big Picture", An Exclusive Presentation Of Our Upcoming Slate
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7. Jason Momoa
Dude is so beautiful he's like a walking Renaissance painting. People were not meant to be this good looking.

Who would make your list? Comment below and let me know!

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