Your girl is a stone-cold Amazon addict, which means I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest stuff to buy. There are times I buy random items that end up in the trash, but then there are times that I find total diamonds in the rough. Here are five stupid little things that have made a HUGE difference in my life.

1. Bracelet Keychain
You know that awkward thing when you're carrying a bunch of groceries or packages and you don't have enough hands to hold your keys AND your stuff? This is the solution.

2. Makeup Removing Cloths
These cheap little beauties can remove ALL your makeup using only water--even stubborn eye makeup.

3. Mighty Handle
Are you the kind of person who would rather dislocate your shoulder than make two trips to carry in your groceries? OH BOY DO I HAVE THE PRODUCT FOR YOU.

4. Glass Nail File
I know regular emery boards are like 99 cents each, but one of these glass files will basically last a lifetime, so there's your ROI. Plus they generate way less waste, which makes Al Gore and Captain Planet happy.

5. PopSocket
I will NEVER use a phone without a PopSocket. Mindlessly scrolling through the same five apps has never been ergonomically easier. Once you get on the PopSocket train, you're on it for life.

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