You've seen it. The old Standard Gas Station/Quick Mart which sits vacant on the corner of McFarland Boulevard and 15th Street. This building has been empty for over 5 years now.

The city wants to buy it, but the owner of the property doesn't feel like he's being offered a fair price. Therefore, we have a stalemate. However, what should happen to this property if an agreement is ever reached?  I have five restaurants that used to be in Tuscaloosa, which I'd LOVE to see come back, and occupy this prime location of T-Town real estate......

5) Shoney's: At one time we had TWO in the area, (One in Tuscaloosa, and one in Northport), now we're down to NONE. It's time to bring one back! Why? Well, I've got FOUR words for you:  "Breakfast Bar" & "Salad Bar". That's reason enough!   Visit Shoney's Website HERE

4) Quincy's: Like Shoney's we used to have TWO in the area. Then, they vanished. The story I was told is that the guy that used to own them, sold the franchise, and wound up buying The Carolina Panthers. Bad Move. I'm not a fan of that team, but I used to be a HUGE FAN of Quincy's Buttered Yeast Rolls! Someone needs to resurrect the Quincy's Brand and bring it back to Tuscaloosa!

3) Denny's: Another franchise that used to be in Tuscaloosa, but isn't here any longer. Who can forget their Grand Slam Breakfast, or The Moons Over My Hammy, or The Grand Slamwich, (which contains 96 Grams Of Fat and 1400 Calories)but who cares? It is GOOD!   Visit Denny's Website HERE 

2) Bama Bino Pizza: When I first got to Tuscaloosa, I used to put down way too many slices of their DELICIOUS pizza! Then, I would wash everything down with my favorite cold beverage, which of course, was in one of my stylish Bama Bino Pizza Drink Cups. Could you imagine if someone brought Bama Bino Pizza back too life at THIS location? I'm getting all giddy thinking about it! C'mon! Someone who has the resources, (Nick Saban, I Love You...ROLL TIDE!), let's make it HAPPEN!

And Drum Roll Please.......NUMBER 1)


Of Course! Tuscaloosa NEEDS A Long John Silver's! As you may know, I have been on a personal CRUSADE to bring a Long John Silver’s back to Tuscaloosa. We have not had a Long John Silver's in Tuscaloosa for 4 1/2 years! That is WAY TOO LONG! Currently, there are THREE Captain D’s locations in the Tuscaloosa/Northport area, and ZERO Long John Silver’s franchises. I find this completely UNACCEPTABLE!  With all the new restaurants that are coming to Tuscaloosa, WHY isn’t Long John Silver’s part of the discussion? It needs to be!   Visit Long John Silver's Website HERE

There you have it. Five restaurants formerly in Tuscaloosa, which could come back to town at this location.

I can only hope:-)

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